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the matrix trilogy, poses many issues re the nature of being and the validity of experience. all three films played flick flacks with your mind, through to the concluding and aparently victorious end battle. however is it just me, or did the ending not contradict itself and establish, through neo's ability to influence the 'machines', that the apparent reality found by the red pill brigade was in fact just another layer in the matrix. overcomming the machines then became just a point at which the full deception was achieved. there is no spoon.
The main flaw in the matrix series was the "Blockbuster" flaw. In episodes 2 & 3 we
are introduced to an array of bad actors with none of the amazing skills we discover
in the first movie, and the series turns into a twisted "star wars" crossed with
"Dune" caper. The architect tells us that neo is only one of many ones so yes this
layer could still be the matrix.

I was dissapionted in 2 & 3 as neither had the thought provoking scenes of the first
movie, they even dropped stuff like the deja vu sequences. This should have been
developed and expanded on but wasnt.

The matrix was a series of movies which should have been limited by the imagination
only, in my opinion they were not imaginative enough in 2 & 3 in spite of all the
special effects.

The reason "Bullet Time" worked in the first movies was because audiences had never
seen it before, so it reinforced the layers of reality proposed by the movie.
Instead we were simply treated to large impersonal george lucas style battles to
impress us. very poor in my opinion, and probably why no oscar nominations appeared
for 2 & 3


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