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Not so much a book, more a journey

The most common response to reading these poems has been “I usually hate poetry but I really liked this one and that one”. So my expectation is that you will find at least one poem that will help you to step out, however briefly, from the headlong rush that life has become.

Read the poems on whatever level you want. Some are multi layered, like Gobstoppers, and some are as you see them, Aniseed balls, even they have the seed of an idea. You will find the broad spectrum of life in here. I have tried to be as honest as I could about my walk through this world. I have fallen on my face many times, but I’m still getting up and going on.

Love, death, anger, finance, faith they’re all in here and much more.

Three Glasgow based artists, Peter Howson, Frank McFadden and ally thompson, contributed 10 illustrations each to the book, this added to the 10 from myself to create a book with a truely original feel. Each brought a very personal perspective to the illustrations. click on the links below to view poems and the work by the artists

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Peter Howson
Frank McFadden

Julien Crispin


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The Big Red Beast

Or words in that vain
Reverberate round the walls
Of my brain
Logical thought, well,
You can forget it
Deep down inside
I know I’ll regret it
But just for the moment
I don’t care the least
It’s a hostile bid
From the “Big Red Beast”

I’ve tried to be nice
But it’s just come out gritted
Through a stare full of ice
And a brow that I’ve knitted
Don’t take it to heart
It’s just my own rage
I’ll soon settle down
Just not at this stage
Adrenaline pumping
And brain disengaged
Resort now to reason
And war will be Waged.

But leave me in peace
And let the dust settle
Give me some space
And I’ll be in fine fettle.

But Oh no!
This needs to be sorted
Compassion exiled
And mercy deported

I'm sorry all right!
Does that make you feel better
And you’ll leave me alone
And I won’t be your debtor
Your pound of flesh cut
My soul a bit light
A little less me
A little less fight.

But this isn’t me talking
It’s the “Big Red Beast”
He’s got my fruits of the Spirit
And he’s having a feast

But I’ll get it together
I’m sure I’ll be fine
Just give me a minute
Just give me time.


more mcfadden illustrations? click the link

Upwardly Immobile

I’m Skint again
I can do it with such ease
Consummately able
To fall off my own trapeze
I didn’t have to try
Like falling of a log
Knee deep once again
In the Debtors bog
I’m Skint again
And I don’t mind confessing
My balance should be healthy
But it just keeps on regressing
Black Holes do exist
Of this belief I’m sure
One exists within my bank
And it’s set to make me poor
No matter what goes in
It always ends up less
Contributing once again
To this fine financial mess

I’m Skint again
It’s driving me mad
I thought I had it sussed
I thought I had a wad
A healthy little buffer
A bit of breathing room
But now I’ll need to suffer
The Bust without the Boom.


With the best of intentions
You don't set to fail
Don't set out to feel a failure
Impact your face on tera firma
Ruin the lives of those around you
Fall into a sump of silage
Sit down and survey the carnage
Roll around and wail

You set out to inspire the masses
Working and the upper classes
Make a difference
Make a change
Some small part
On life’s big stage

With the best of intentions
You don't set out to lose
Don't set out to be a loser
Resident in the hall of hobos
Lifetime member of morons monthly
At the beck of others call
Trying to stand
Set to fall

It's not the way it's meant to be
It's meant to be a whole lot nicer
Not past across the bacon slicer
Pared back until the bones are gleaming
Punched until your nose is streaming
I don't know where this is leading
Perhaps i should just cry
Perhaps I should just yield before it
Pretend it’s fine and just ignore it

Sorry !
Can’t !
I just can’t do it
I’ll hold my head high
Muddle through it
Like the rest
Who fell before me
Failed the test
To tell their story
Like me they tried, aspired to more
Till dull beige people showed the door
Objecting to non status quo
The challengers must surely go

But go we won’t
We’re here to stay
Our roles mapped out before us
We are but the oysters grains of grit
Creating beauty from all this ….


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Never Never




        let me stay a kid  

Please, Please, Please,

In my cardboard box

And close the lid

Snug and warm in my little den

Coming out for snacks and bickies

Every now and then



        let me stay a kid

Oh, go on, go on let me

I don’t want to face the things I did

They would just upset me

You could tell me what to do

I really wouldn’t mind

Could you think it all right through

Please would you be so kind



        let me stay a kid

Oh, go on, oh please

I’ll play marbles on the grid

I’ll even graze my knees

I could run about like mad

And it really wouldn’t matter

Stuff my face with junk

And never get much fatter.



         let me stay a kid

I’ll be your best friend

Give you a million thousand quid

Just let my childhood never end

When a mortgage didn't figure

Pocket money could be spent

And it took at least a year

Before a season came and went.



         let me stay a kid

Arrr!, you’re not being fair

You said you loved me, so you did

But I don’t think you care

If you did you wouldn’t push

You’d leave me as I am

But you’d stop things going wrong

Cos I bet you can.



        let me stay a kid

Or I’ll shout and stamp my feet

Hold my breath ‘till I turn blue

You’ll see, I’m hard to beat


I really didn’t mean that

But it is the way I feel

It’s scary when you realise

Life’s got a bit too real.


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