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At the moment Russia and the USA are united by the same terrorist threat. In this we are failing to see the true danger that is looming on the horizon. China is growing at an unpresidented rate. This development is massively reliant on raw materials, metals, minerals and fuels, such as coal and oil. China shares a huge border with the Russia, this border is rich in all these commodities. As russia faces the real posibility of becomming the 3rd world power within 5 years, behind china, and this as Putin nears the end of his elected term. I put forward that a dispute will arise between Russia and China within the next 5 years and take us into a global conflict.
china and india will tilt the balance on the worlds ecology before any war with
russia. the reason that war will not happen is china now recieves too much inward
investment from the west to risk a war with russia. Tiawan is a much more serious
problem in a war context.

A greater problem for us all is that china and india, the world two great cycling
nations are trading in their bikes for cars, and both are excused from the main
constraints of the kyoto agreement. Who will tell them they cant have these things
when the west is obsessed with investment. Do we even have the right to tell them
they cant have these things?

Think about that.

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