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Norman stone review

Words are strange creatures. Handle them right and they can bite deep, move to tears, last a lifetime and paint better pictures in your mind than the finest Old Masters. Best of all they can convey ideas, moving the heart to thought and action. To me the best 'word-shepherds' of all are the poets.

Julien Crispin is a new word-shepherd. A modern 'street poet' who loves to look inside as well as out. He gathers his words from 'the everyday', harvesting them from billboards and bus queues, pavements and pop tunes, reflections and relationships. He is a poet with ideas as well as opinions, with acute observations and a quirky sense of humour... and, oh yes, he likes to provoke.

Julien Crispin bends his words to do his bidding and sends them straight to the readers heart and brain. I'm glad he does.


Norman Stone (film director)