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Poem Writing Services

I am launching a new service and this is how it works

I will write you a Poem or rhyme, even a limerick for what ever reason you have. It can be funny, serious, upbeat, low key it’s up to you. All you have to do is click on the relevant link in the  

list below and send an email with who the verse is for, why you are sending it and when you need it for.

The best thing about this is it’s free.

 All I ask is, if you like the verse you email all your friends with the web address
 and that you consider purchasing Gobstoppers and Aniseed Balls


 I will email the verse to you  as soon as it’s ready.
I will aim at a 1week turnaround, but if you can give me a bit more notice that would be great.



poem subjects

Birthday Rhymes and PoemsGreeting Card Verses 


Get Well Soon Limericks, Poems


Valentines Limericks and Poetry


Leaving Work Poems


Break Up Poems


Love Poems


Transition Poems


Wedding Poems and Verse


New Baby Poems


Friendship Poems


Bereavement Poems





All work will remain the intellectual property of Julien Crispin and dissemination other than to the initiating recipient is at the sole discretion of the author. In all cases the authorship of the verse should be acknowledged, with the exception of the initiating recipients intended beneficiary of the verse.

 I other words you can use the verse for the person you specified and you don’t have to say it was me, but if you aren’t that person or you use it again then give credit where it's due. 

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