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Without you I have nothing

With you I have all

Wrapped around me

Running through me

All behind me

All before

No condition

No omission

Now you reveal

Your very essence

The deep wide sea

Your very presence

All encompassed

All pervades me

Clinging to me

Growing in me

Knowing in me

You are all






I love you

Always will


I can’t be certain

Up is up

Or down is down

When west turns east

Or north comes south

The upshot is

When all turns round


I love you

Always will



I want to swim in your eyes

to float for a moment

drift in the words

that fall from your lips

bathe in the light

of your irridescence

bathe in the beauty

the beauty that's you

there's no plces like home

There's no place like home


You are all I ever wanted

Though you never guessed

Fixed upon the road before me

Hell bound on my own direction

Held within my own affection

Needing you

Like breath my lungs

Like sight my eyes

My ears your voice

My soul your touch

I didn't know

How to be

How to let you

Reach to me

Blown apart

Our storm raged by

A Kansas twister

My tin man journey

My dawn of reason

My fight with fear

Our emerald city

Your ruby shoes

Our journey home

To wind up here

Where I have you

Where you have me

I love you

You love me


I once had a heart that was lonely

The loves that I had were all phoney

Though they broke my heart

You’ve been true from the start

Now my heart is yours and yours only



As roses are red and violets are blue

I love that you love me and love loving you too



In this office there once was a guy

I admit that he oft caught my eye

Stuff the pretence it’s you

What’s a girl got to do

To get you to give love a try


In this office there once was a lass

I’d go weak at the knees as she’d pass

But you know that it’s you

What’s a guy got to do

to stroke that beautiful 'hair'


Roses are dear

Lilies expensive

But your pretty cheap

And access extensive

I don’t want Lilly

And I don’t want Rose

I’d rather pluck your petals

And see how far this goes





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