Julien Crispin Street Poet, Faith Walker, Poet to the stars, the trees etc

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  my collection of poetry  was published on 8 August 04 and launched at the Edinburgh Fringe. This can now be purchased on this site  

Norman Stone, director of the acclaimed film Man Dancing writes: 

?Julien Crispin is a new word-shepherd. A modern 'street poet' who loves to look inside as well as out. He gathers his words from 'the everyday', harvesting them from billboards and bus queues, pavements and pop tunes, reflections and relationships. He is a poet with ideas as well as opinions, with acute observations and a quirky sense of humour... and, oh yes, he likes to provoke.?

Peter Howson, along with fellow artists Ally Thompson and Frank McFadden, have contributed to the illustration of the book.