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Work available from
Peter Howson

Don Quixote Studies
3 works available

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Don Quixote has figured in a number of Peter's works. He plays a significant role in the first of Peter's latest major series of works based on the subject of hell
large oil by peter howson

the pastel below is 33 x 25 cm, it is on specialist pastel board
offers around £850
howson pastel don quixote

the second pastel is a bold work showing Peter's comand of figure and line offers around

pastel- don quixote

and the third study is a study of the quixote figure set in the down and out setting of the street
The subsequent studies are 10 x 15cm on Winsor and Newton 150gsm

ON EBAY 24/07/07sold

howson-sketch of down and out

And now a couple of beautiful studies all 10 x 15cm


man's head -howson

on ebay 30.07.07 £210

howson sketch man looking ahead

below is a beautiful study
man's head- howson

sketch below £200
sketch of man in agony-peter howson

or this great little thug
pen ink sketch man - yob

Why not visit Peters only official website, you can even watch a video of him working- just click the banner

howsonworks.com banner

still available

New work available from
Peter Howson

From the famous
Saracen Heads collection
3 works available
33 x 24cm etching plate on
heavy weight hand made paper - total size 38 x 56cm

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This piece is named "AL" it is dated 1988 and is marked 5/30,
 it is a beautifully rendered etching, the photograph does not do it justice,
 the iridescence of the etched line is captivating, it is a large and arresting image
offers around £750
howson etching of man's head

Peter created many works, but few etchings, incorporating the NED -
the Glasgow equivalent of the CHAV
Peter was fascinated by the social constructs of the introspective world of the socially marginalized.
 His fascination with the rules of life - how people relate to the work and
 the word to them has been a continuing feature of all his work.
This fascination probably motivated by an autistic dispensation that has
 led him to the brink of destruction, but ultimately enabled his genius.

this piece is named "Freddie" dated 1988 and is 3/30 (so very collectible) offers round £650

etching of ned in with baseball cap

"Billy" represents classic the Howson flare for the the obscure beauty of the common man. With his head thrown back he is the king of his realm, with a roll up to enjoy. The beauty of the line in this study is mezmerising (sorry but i couldn't capture it in the photo). this is an "87" so very collectible it is 11/30


howson-etchin of man-head back-smoking cigarete

To see the Saracens held at the Tate click the link
Saracens at the Tate

"The sky over the city is as bruised and threatening as the subjects of Howson's famous Saracen Heads series and as my tape unspools it captures their creator's measured speech and at least a flavour of his measure-less personality."

for full article click link

Remember if you have any questions just ask, if you have a specific thing you would like me to get from Peter feel free to ask, and if you would like to see anything and you live close let me know and I can try a meet up. If you are interested in a piece let me know and i'll send a full size jpeg.

feel free to forward to any fans you know

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