Julien Crispin Street Poet, Faith Walker, Poet to the stars, the trees etc

through the valley

A Walk Through The Valley

I’m on a downer

Pigged off

Cheesed off

Spun out

And flat

A Teflon coated thunder cloud

Feeling like a Pratt


It’s not so bad you told me

You’ll come round the other side

The sun is shining round the bend

Well, I’ve been there

And you lied


I know it’s shining somewhere

But, it’s further than you said

It may be there for you

You don’t live inside this head


I accept you as you are

So, accept me as I am

We may not walk the way the same

Still it fits within the plan

caught looking

Caught Looking


Like a moth

Drawn to burn

To draw to close

To touch the flame

Fixed again

To stare

Too deep

To drink

Too long

To long

Too much

To stay

To be

So wrong


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